How to Sell on Facebook: Step-by-Step Guide + Tips!


Want to find out how to sell on Facebook and make this social network an important source of income for your business?

So, come with us, as we’ve put together a guide with the best tips and step-by-step instructions to ensure excellent revenue on this channel!

Did you know that Facebook is the biggest social network in the world?

Even with the arrival of Instagram, which has become the darling social network of different audiences and brands, there is no way to deny the power of Mark Zuckerberg’s company that, in recent years, has become a true commercial showcase.

To give you an idea of ​​the strength of Facebook in terms of sales, in 2020, the company’s revenue, mostly from advertisements, broke a record reaching US$ 28.07 billion in revenue, about R$ 151 billion.

Based on this data, you can already see that investing in this tool is an important strategy for marketing your products.

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Now take a look and learn how to use Facebook to sell!

What is F-commerce and how does it work?

For you to earn a lot on this channel, it is important to understand what the Facebook sales tool is and how it works. F-commerce is an abbreviated term for Facebook Commerce, which is the area for marketing products within the social network.

Those who want to learn how to create a sales profile on Facebook, know that this feature offers a series of features and facilities for merchants to carry out their transactions without leaving the social network.

To use it, you only need to link your fan page profile in the store and register products, insert a value, photos and item descriptions. From there, Facebook provides dissemination tools and also analysis of campaign performance and metrics.

The coolest thing is that users can make purchases directly in your store created within the social network, making transactions even easier.

How to sell on Facebook: advantages

Before including products to sell on Facebook, how about knowing the advantages of using this tool?

Know that companies that use F-commerce have an easier interaction between retailers and customers, ensuring greater convenience for customers when buying.

This tool still manages to have a potentialized reach reaching users who do not follow or do not see its publications.

Added to this, it also has a low or zero investment cost, as the resources are free, in addition to offering access to products 24 hours a day, easy connection with other brands and a high power of engagement.

Can I sell on Facebook for free?

The answer is yes, if you want to find out how to sell on Facebook for free, know that it is possible to promote your products organically, that is, without investing in paid ad tools, such as Facebook Ads, a resource for inserting campaigns on the channel.

But it is worth remembering that selling organically is not always the most advantageous option, as the delivery of posts to your Facebook users is around 1%, that is, not all your followers can see your posts.

How to sell on Facebook: complete step by step!

For you to take advantage of all the opportunities in this channel, check out the step-by-step instructions on how to sell on Facebook.

  • Step 1 – Create your store. Go to your fan page, click settings, then select the Templates and Guides option, then click Add a Guide.
  • Step 2 – First adjustments. From the top menu, go to Page and then Store, which will open a new tab. In this step, you will need to select the checkout method.
  • Step 3 – Store Setup. At this stage, select the type of currency that will be used for purchases. Then click Save.
  • Step 4 – Add products. Now you will be directed to the step of inserting the products and registering the items. Take it easy and don’t forget the images, values ​​and descriptions of the products. There, your store is created!
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How to Sell on Facebook: 5 Tips to Boost Your Sales!

Want to find out how to use Facebook to sell and ensure a great return for your business? So, check out 5 tips to boost your channel sales!

Learn more about your target audience

The first step to selling through F-commerce is to understand the profile of your audience, what they like to buy, the amounts they are willing to pay and which products do not arouse interest.

This analysis will allow you to put the right strategies into practice, which will generate good sales.

Invest in humanized communication

In addition to understanding how to create a Facebook sales profile, you need to establish humanized communication with your audience. More and more, people like personalized service and want to be treated with intimacy and attention.

By offering a more natural contact, the chances of selling are certainly increased considerably.

Implement your F-commerce

To sell on Facebook, you will need to implement F-commerce. But don’t worry, because, in the topic above, we present a very easy-to-follow step-by-step guide for activating your online store.

Promote your products

As we’ve already mentioned, selling organically works, but it’s much lower compared to paid ads. Therefore, set aside a monthly amount to invest in Facebook Ads and promote your products to an even larger audience.

Track metrics

Among the best practices on how to use Facebook to sell, one of the most important is to track your results. The tool offers resources for monitoring campaign metrics and performance.

That way, you can analyze which ads generate results and which ones need to be replaced.

What else is sold on Facebook?

Those of you who want to understand what sells most on Facebook, know that it is the fashion sector. Including products such as clothes, accessories, shoes and bags.

The electronics sector is also well-accepted, with the bestselling items being cell phones and notebooks.


Now that you’ve learned how to sell on Facebook, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, make your fan page integrations, upload products and use all available resources to sell through this social network.

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