Tips for Creating Effective Instagram Ads

Tips for Creating Effective Instagram Ads

With the introduction of social media into our lives, Instagram has ceased to be just a social medium and has become a concrete commercial door. For this reason, Instagram is often used for advertising purposes. So how to create an effective Instagram ad?

Instagram ads may not have the expected effect if the tricks are not known. Therefore, by learning the tricks of advertising, “How to advertise on Instagram correctly?” You can find the answer to your question. The main purpose of creating Instagram ads is to drive engagement, but some people also buy Instagram followers for the same purpose.

How to Advertise Instagram?

  1. Connect Your Facebook Page to Business Manager
  2. Choose Advertising Purpose
  3. Create Your Instagram Ad

Budget and Audience Planning in Instagram Advertising

The budget you use in Instagram ads is the amount that will allow the ad to reach people. You must correctly identify the people who will be interested in your product/service offering. Many choices such as region, age, gender, and interests are the choices you can make while running ads. For example; Offering a make-up item to men means spending a lot of money. Your goal should always be to build a clean audience. While planning the budget for Instagram ads, the amount to be spent on the advertisement is determined. At this point, we can share with you the types of budgets for Instagram.

Instagram Ads Budget Types

Your target audience selection affects the amount of your budget. There are two types of budgets when planning an Instagram ad budget. One is the daily budget and the other is the total budget. We can explain these types of budgets as follows;
Daily budget: The amount that can be spent daily for the ad campaign.
Total budget: The amount that will be spent during the duration of the ad campaign.

The type of publication chosen can also affect budget planning.

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Technical Features You Should Know for Instagram Ads

We can list the technical features of Instagram ads as follows;

  • For title length, we recommend staying around 120-135 letters.
  • The recommended traditional ad size is 1080 x 1080 pixels.
  • Images must be in JPG or PNG format and must be no more than 30 MB in size.
  • The recommended length for videos is under 120 seconds.
  • The recommended video format is MP4 or MOV, but the maximum size is 4GB.

For Instagram stories:

  • Story images must be 1080 x 1920 pixels.
  • Images must be in JPG or PNG format and must be no more than 30 MB in size.

Get More Returns from Instagram Ads

After learning Instagram advertising techniques, here are some tips! Here’s how we can share with you the secrets that make an Instagram ad effective:

1. Create Ads That Capture Your Audience

In Instagram ads, as in every ad, you should know your target audience well. You should determine the age of the users who will be interested in you, where they live, what their marital status is and what their interests are. You should analyze the behaviour of your target audience on Instagram. You should know what they are reacting to and plan accordingly.

2. Create Customer-Focused Ads

You may want to reveal your company. But we cannot say that this is a good strategy. Rather than include your corporate details, you should convey a message to users and make it attractive. Users are not interested in ads that contain too much information. Customer-oriented ads are interesting.

3. Choose Compatible Images

The selected images should be compatible with the brand, product, or service. It should not create racism, sexism, or similar opposition.

While some of these negative advertisements may prevent direct advertisements from being published, some of them negatively affect the frequency of advertisements upon complaints.

4. Use Clear Images

The use of images in advertisements is very important. Images should be understandable. Thus, it becomes easier for you to direct users to the point where they need to focus. The main message, small details, and interesting details should be on the image.

5. Pay Attention to the Text Boundary

Instagram ads are subject to certain rules. No more than 20% of your image should be text. Therefore, attention should be paid to the use of text. The text should be interesting, short, and understandable. It should reflect your brand.

Previously, if the ad text limit was exceeded, the ads were not running. Although this situation does not present an obstacle to the publication of advertisements, its negative impact on the frequency of impressions continues.

6. Prepare Promotional Ad Disclosures

One of the biggest mistakes in Instagram ads is made in the description section. Most brands are trying to sell products by putting a link in their Instagram description. But what you need to do in this area is much different. You should activate the user by creating texts that introduce yourself or focus on promoting services/products.

7. Schedule Hashtags

When planning hashtags, you need to make sure that the hashtags you create are memorable and compatible with your brand. You should also use these hashtags in your daily posts. Thus, your ad can reach more people and people can click on these hashtags to reach more posts belonging to you.

However, you should remember to avoid the excessive use of hashtags. The use of hashtags above a certain rate will also negatively affect your ads.

8. Redirect Ads Relevantly

One of the disadvantages of Instagram is the inability to add links to posts. This can be closed with explicit advertisements. Therefore, you should direct your advertising links correctly. When you do product-oriented advertising, you should create the right traffic or create a buying trend by directing them to your website. If you aim to increase website traffic, you can also use your website in other advertising activities. But if you have goals such as gaining followers, you should create content and links that will direct you to your profile.

9. Don’t Skip Stories Ads

Stories are a very popular field. That’s why you can capture users with creative ads. With the swipe-up feature, a single movement allows you to direct the user to the desired area. However, you should be careful that the ads you make here do not get lost among other stories.

10. Try Video Ads

Videos are high-return content on Instagram. Especially videos that users do not stop watching form the basis of good advertising.

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