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Grow on Instagram: With These 3 Tricks

If you’ve made it this far, you might be thinking, ‘oh wow, great, another Instagram growth strategies article that’s not going to work on my profile.

But wait and give us a minute. First of all, let’s be clear: there is no magic formula to know how to grow on Instagram. Getting to increase your followers on Instagram, improve engagement or beat the damn algorithm, is usually not easy or fast. Don’t worry if you don’t have money to buy Instagram Followers Canada, as these methods are completely free. But, there are two or three little tricks that could get your account off the ground. Are you using them?

How to Grow On Instagram Using the Carousel

It may sound pretentious, but if your feed doesn’t include a carousel, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to gain followers. Carousels are the most beneficial posts for your profile if you want to increase engagement on Instagram and there are many digital marketing studies that confirm this.

The reasons are very obvious:

The carousel breaks the infinite scroll down and grabs attention

The scroll down is that addictive gesture that, in a way, relegates your content to just a few seconds of viewing.

Your goal should be to override that trend: to have the user stop swiping and stop at your post. To achieve this, what works best is the carousel, because having more than one slide generates more curiosity and the need to stop to see the other images.

That curiosity will make the user stop, and be ‘forced’ to change the movement of his finger: from vertical to horizontal. We recommend mixing video with image and using between 6-10 slides. But do not force quantity, always bet on quality.

Increase watch time and recommendation rate

Once the user has stopped at your carrousel, we must encourage him to go ‘all the way’. Increase that curiosity with a good cover and suggestive text in the description.

You can write something like: slide to see the step by step; what look do you like best? The last one is my favorite, etc. If the user spends more time viewing your content, the algorithm will value it positively. Increasing retention will increase the chances that they will recommend you to new users and, therefore, it will be easier for you to gain new followers and grow on Instagram.

It allows you to tell stories in a more attractive and visual way

Storytelling is a marketing tactic that you should master regardless of the goal of your profile. Whether you’re on Instagram to sell, highlight, share, or teach, you need to squeeze in ‘storytelling’ formats that will engage and engage the user on your profile.

You can use them to…

  • Follow cooking recipes
  • Teach an exercise routine
  • Describe a trip and its iconic places
  • Show the step by step of a reform, a hairstyle or a craft
  • View a calendar of events
  • Advertise the blocks of a training course
  • Make a list of news or trends
  • Show your best sellers
  • Explain relevant data about a sector

The possibilities are endless and the fact that you can include both photos and videos will make it much more attractive.

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