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How to Get Instagram Verification

There are many rumors regarding Verified badges and it is considered to be linked with several Instagram followers. Today, we’ve clearly explained everything you need to know about Instagram verification.

What does Instagram verification mean?

Instagram verification is proof that this person or business is original and have built authenticity a social media. If you’re an active Instagram user, then most probably you have seen a verification badge on a profile. Every influencer and business desires to have a verification badge to win the trust of the visitors and turn them into your followers and customer.

Every major social media channel awards this badge to those who are authentic.

Such accounts are always catchy and their profiles get more clicks on search results. These are the signs of prestige and makes a difference between ordinary and verified accounts. Obviously, verified accounts will ultimately get better engagement and avail more opportunities. 

Eligibility for Instagram Verification

When it comes to verification, Instagram has very strange criteria and one couldn’t easily figure out whether he has eligible to apply or not.

On top of all this, there is no assurance that you will get the verification anyway, if your Twitter, Facebook is already verified.

But, with our extensive study and research, we have put together the crucial aspects for Instagram verification. But before going to shed the light on eligibility criteria, we advise you to thoroughly read and understand the Terms of Service as well as Community Guideline. It is very difficult to get the verification of the One whose account has been found violating Terms of Service in the past.

Now, let’s straight get into the key points for Instagram verification.

·       Must be genuine and authentic

You must be original, and genuine, in order to be considered seriously for the verification,. You have to prove your identity through a valid source of identification i.e. Driving License, Passport or National Identity in which your face is clearly visible.

We always suggest the Instagram users double-check their documents and details before applying for Instagram verification.

·       Account should be unique

Uniqueness is another key point regarding Instagram verification. For instance, if you’re running a fan account of any celebrity or curating the content of other creators, then you don’t meet the criteria. The same goes for meme accounts (not the original content creators), which also cannot qualify for Instagram verification.

·       Easily findable

Make sure that your account is public before applying for an Instagram verification badge. Even though some private Instagram accounts got their verification, but it is quite rare and difficult as well.

·       Submit all the details

Make sure that your profiles look complete and none of the sections is empty When you’re applying for Instagram verification,. You have to submit all the original details in order to get the Instagram verification. Other than that, Instagram all takes into accounts user’s engagement rate and activeness on the social media platform.

·       It should base on public interests

Last but not the least, those accounts who wish to get the verification, should be notable personalities, celebrities, entity or representatives of any brand, business. That’s does not mean that you are eligible only if you have tons of followers. Even though accounts with the least followers have got the verification badge.

How to apply for Instagram verification – Step by Step Explained

It is quite simple to apply for the verification, just follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Navigate to your profile and click on the three parallel horizontal lines icon, located at the upper-right corner.
  2. A new window will be opened, now click on the Settings icon located at the top.
  3. From the next window, locate the account option and click it.
  4. Again, a new window will be opened, now find and open the request verification button from there.
  5. Now, you’ve to fill the application form with required information such as legal name, working name (if any), select your niche/category. Then, submit a clear image of your Government-issued ID and businesses may have to submit the utility bills or other documents. Tap on the send button to submit your request.
  6. Now, you’ve to wait until your request get reviewed by the Instagram authorities. And you’ll get the notification of the result.

Is there any requirement of followers count for Instagram Verification?

However, there is not any particular requirement of Instagram followers for the verification. But, experts suggest that you should have atleast 10,000 followers. So, you have to get more followers in order to approve your verification request. SuperViral has designed its services in such a way that you do not have to wait longer for the verification. You can buy Instagram followers Canada of any quantity and maximize your chances of getting this prestigious sign alongside your profiles.

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