This is how I got Swipe-Up Option on Instagram in 1-Month

Swipe Up Option on Instagram in 1-Month

There’s not second though that Instagram Stories has great potential due to its 500 Million daily users. It has turned into an incredibly useful marketing tool which can bring jaw-dropping results all alone. But the thing which further adds into its versatility and greatness is its swipe-up option.

Today, in this blog post, I’ve shared those practical and easiest tips which had helped me to get this feature in 1-month.

Before getting deep into the topic, let’s highlight exactly what swipe-up option is.

What is Swipe-Up Option on Instagram?

Marketers can relate with me that when it comes to adding links to your posts, Instagram doesn’t offer much. Instagram offer just one spot where you can add any link, which is your bio. With the availability of adding links to your profile bio, it’s worth has become greater. Every brand, Influencer or marketers, always uses this spot to connect Instagram with their website.

But there’s another spot which can get you even more pleasant results and that is Instagram stories. But not everyone has access to the swipe-up option.

Instagram has set a particular criterion of allowing this feature and if you fulfil this criterion you’ll be given its access.

When there’s a swipe-up link is added to any story, any viewer can tap the see more button at the bottom or simply swipe-up to navigate to linked URL.

Which tricks did I use to get access to this feature?

Firstly, you should have an idea about the criteria for getting this feature:

First way:

2nd way:

  • Verified account

Creating a business account should be your must-step as it helps you get access to many other useful features. You need to connect your Facebook account with Instagram in order to have a business account. While there are also specific criteria for getting your Instagram account verified.

Buy Instagram Followers from the secure service provider

This isn’t a secret anymore that most marketers tend to buy Instagram followers from the real service provider. Instead of hiring a marketer for running a marketing campaign, purchasing these services will not cost you a fortune.

Set up a dedicated Instagram Stories strategy

If you want to get most out from Instagram stories, you’ve to set up the right strategy. By leveraging through the right strategy, you can get amazing results. Many famous Influencers and marketers always prioritize effectively use Instagram stories.

Use Instagram-ads to Bring the audience on my account

Isn’t surprising for you that Instagram earned $20 billion in ads revenue only in 2019. Its reason is pretty simple, that Instagram offers above-average engagement than most of the social media platforms out there. Other than this, Instagram ads are way more effective when it comes to getting the results. Whether your intention is to generate the leads, derive the sales, or to bring the traffic at your website, it can derive drastic effect.

Repost my Stories on Other platforms

Cross-posting is another great way to get people on your profile and maximize the following. Through, this way you can increase your following count which is important while getting the swipe-option.

How to get the most out of Instagram Swipe-Up feature?

Save your Stories as Highlight

If any of your Instagram stories perform well in terms of engagement and views, then you save it as Highlight. In the case of the brand or any business, it can be any special discount offer or any other important message. I’d suggest you not to save dozens of stories, as most of the audience might not watch the important one.

Create Engaging Stories

Engagement is the key, and Instagram stories can prove to be a serious engagement booster if used in the right manner. Think of a better content idea and then implement by using marketer’s tips.

Hold Contests, Quick or Ask Questions

Since we’re talking about engagement, then Instagram also offers plenty of features including sticker, emojis, tags, mention which can make your stories look more attractive.

Summing Up:

Right Instagram stories strategy with the use of swipe-up option can become a game-changer for Instagram success. Several Instagram Influencer charge thousands of dollars for adding the link on their Instagram stories. This is enough to make you realize how much potential, Instagram swipe-up feature for you. In this blog post, I’ve shared a few simple tips which I had personally utilized while getting this feature. Hope so, these tips prove to be beneficial for you.

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